Anatomy in the past and today

Illustration taken from the 2nd edition of "Margarita Philosophica" by Gregor Reisch, 1504. The arrangement of the organs is incorrect. Move the mouse pointer over the organs and you can see what is wrong.




Flesh, viscera, vessels and bones

Anatomical teaching book, written by Johannes Amos Comenius in 1658. Move the mouse pointer over the numbers in the picture and the terms appear.





Fig tree in a herbal book

In the past, people created richly illustrated herbal books. Like that, the commoner could easily treat himself in medical situations with the help of these books. Also, the effect of poisons is well illustrated. For example, we have a picture taken from the herbal book by Hieronymus Bock, 1595. The man in the picture has eaten too many figs. Move the pointer to him, then you can see what happens.




Monster soup

Cartoon by William Heath, 1828. This London woman has cooked her tea with water from the thames. One day, she studied her tea under the microscope. The result was horrible. Why? Move to the grey area and you can see, what is under the microscope.




From Cocaine to Novocaine

Starting in 1884, the ophthalmologist Carl Koller used Cocaine as an anesthesia with eye surgery. It later became a popular narcotic, despite its substantial side effects and great addictiveness. Nevertheless, the industry has been looking for a harmless medium and finally found it with Novocaine in 1905 (pun for "new cocaine").




Hunt's Remedy

With "Hunt's Remedy" William E. Clarke produced from 1872 to 1881 a panacea for the kidneys and the liver. He marketed his product with elaborate colored trading cards and had great success in the USA. Move to the man, then you can see what happens.





The tablets are not packed into blister in the USA but are sold in cans. Unwanted mixed-ups can especially occur in hospitals because benzodiazepines used in very small dosages and the tablet size remains the same. For the US market special tablet stamps for valium were developed which punch a „V“ into the tablet. This way mixed-ups can not occur anymore. This tablet design inspired numerous artist. For example, Damien Hirst created an oversized valium tablet as sculptures. Or in a painting by Yarek Waszul appears a valium tablet in the style of Andy Warhol. Here is a three-dimensional drawn valium tablet which can be rotated by your mouse in all directions. The mousewheel changes the size.


Bepanthen – past und today

Bepanthen exists since 1944, first as an ointment, later as a cream during the 1970s. It was created by Roche und sold to Bayer in 2005. You can use the slider in order to compare the Bepanthen packages from the past and today.




Pill for larger breasts

This ad from 1903 promises larger breasts. Hover over the breasts of the woman and get to know more about the miracle drug.





If you scratch an unripened poppy seed capsule opium starts flowing in the form of milk. It contains 37 substances such as morphium, codein or thebain. Opium as a whole was administred against pain for a long time. The pharmacist Friedrich Wilhelm Sertürner realized in the beginning oft he 19th century that a dog fell asleep after an opium injection. Sertürner started looking for the sleep inducing substance inside the opium extract. Finally, in 1804, the 21-year-old pharmacist assistent discovered the subsctance which he called morphin, after Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams. That substance was inside optium. But what does Morpheus look like? Move with the mouse over the poppy seed capsule and discover him.





Head bandage

It was even in in the middle ages important to make injured soldiers from numerous battles fit for war as soon as quickly as possible. Therefor field surgery as well as precise bandage techniques were crucial. Here you can see several head bandages which were taken from a 1763 copperplate engraving from the work „Chirurgie“ by Lorenz Heister. Hover with the mouse over the heads and see the colored versions.





Anatomical Preparations

Andreas Vesal was the first, who prapared anatomical preparations in the 16th century. About 300 years later, new opportunities allowed to fix bones and intestines to create a permanent conserved anatomical preparation for medical use.


Tanzendes Skelett



The special corset

In 19th century, European physicians postulated many diseases coming from masturbation, such as slovenliness, hair loss or softening of the brain. Some parents put their children in a corset at night as a preventive measure. Thus the children had no chance to touch their genitals.


The special corset



Materia Medica in 19th century

Caesar Adolph Bloesch was a physician from Biel, Switzerland. He recorded all his medical activities from 1832-1863 in a casebook. It has about 25’000 pages and 125’000 medical consultations with their prescriptions. Below, you will find a database, which contains mostly drugs from Bloesch’s medical practice (Materia medica of Bloesch). It is based on 6’240 transcribed prescriptions.


Heilmittel (Abkürzung) Name (aufgelöst) Deutsch
absynthium (herba) absinthium Absinth, Wermuth
acet. Camph. Acetum camphoratum Kampheressig
acet. Crud. Acetum crudum Essig
acet. Rub. Id. / idaei acetum rubi idaei Himbeeressig
acet. Scillit. Acetum scilliticum Meerzwiebelessig
Acet. Vini acetum vini Weinessig
acid. Muriat. Acidum muriaticum Salzsäure
acid. Muriat. Dilute Acidum muriaticum dilutum Salzsäure, verdünnt
acid. Nit. Acidum nitricum Salpetersäure
acid. Phosph. Acidum phosophoricum Phosophorsäure
acid. Tartar. Acidum tartaricum Weinsteinsäure
Aeth. Acet. Aether aceticus
aeth. Sulph. Aether sulphuricus Aether, Diethylether
aeth. Mart. Apperit.? Aether martialis Eisen-Aether
Aezkalk calcaria usta Aetzkalk, gebrannter Kalk
alb. Sydenh. Album sydenham, als decoct. Sydhams weisse Abkochung
aloës (succ. / socc.) aloës (succotorina, soccotorina) Aloë
alum. Crud. Alumen crudum gemeiner, roher Alaun
Ammelmehl Ammelmehl
ammon. Al.[?]
ammon. Carb. Ammonium carbonate Ammoniumcarbonat
Am. Caust. Ammonium causticum Salmiakgeist
ammon. Liq. s. liq. Ammon.
Ammelmehl Ammelmehl
Ammenmilch Ammenmilch
amygd. Amar. Amygdalarum amararum bittere Mandel
amyli puri amylum (gen. Von amylum) Stärke
amylum amylum Stärke
antihydropicus heimi antihydropicus heimi
antim. Crud. Antimonium crudum Schwarzer Spiessglanz
aq. Carbonic. Aqua carbonici Mineralwasser
aq. (fl.) naph. Aqua (florum) naphae Orangenblütenwasser
aq. (fl.) til. Aqua (florarum) tiliae Lindenblütenwasser
aq. Amygd. Amar. / dulc. Aqua amygdalarum amararum / dulcis Bitteres / süsses Mandelwasser
aq. Calc. / calcis aqua calcis / calcariae Kalkwasser
aq. Ceras. Nig. Aqua cerasorum nigrorum Schwarzkirschenwasser
aq. Cerasor. Aqua cerasorum Kirschwasser
aq. Cham. Aqua chamomillae Kamillenwasser
aq. Chinae aqua cortex chinae Chinarindenwasser
aq. Chlorin. Aqua chlorinina? Chlorwasser
aq. Chlorin. Calc. aqua chlarina calcariae Chlorkalk
aq. Cinnam. Aqua cinnamomi Zimtwasser
aq. Dental.
aq. Dest. Aqua destillata destilliertes Wasser
aq. Fl. aurant. Aqua flores aurantii Orangenblütenwasser
aq. Fl. cham. Aqua flores chamomillae Kamillenblütenwasser
aq. Fl. carb. Aqua flores carb?
Aq. Fl. malvae aqua flores malvae Malvenblütenwasser
aq. Fl. meliss. Aqua flores melissae Melissenblütenwasser
aq. Fl. naphae aqua flores naphae Pomeranzenblütenwasser
aq. Fl. sambuci aqua flores sambuci Flieder- oder Holunderblütenwasser
aq. Fl. tiliae aqua flores tiliae Lindenblütenwasser
aq. Ferr. Aqua ferrum Eisenwasser
aq. Fervida aqua fervida heisses Wasser
aq. Font. Aqua fontana Brunnenwasser
aq. Goulard aqua Goulardi Goulardsches Bleiwasser
aq. Meliss. Aqua melissae Melissenwasser
aq. Menthae crispae aqua menthae crispae Krauseminzwasser
aq. Minder
Aq. Natron. Aqua natronica?
aq. Oxymur. Aqua oxymuriataca Chlorwasser
aq. Petrosel. Aqua petroselini Petersilienwasser
aq. Reg. Aqua regis / regia Königswasser
aq. Rhei vinos. Aqua rhei vinosa Rhabarberwasser
aq. Rosar. Aqua rosarum Rosenwasser
aq. Rub. Id. / idaei aqua rubi idaei Himbeerwasser
aq. Samb. Aqua sambuci Holunderblütenwasser
aq. Satur., saturnin. Aqua saturnina (= aqua plumbi) Bleiwasser
aq. Samb. Aqua sambuci
aq. Valer. Aqua valerianae Baldrianwasser
aq. Viridis. Aqua viridis Grünwasser nach Hartmann
arbei. Orient. ?
argent. nitric. Argentum nitricum Silbernitrat
arrow root arrowroot Pfeilwurzel
asa foet. Asa foetida Stink-Asand, Teufelsdreck
avenae avenae stramentum Hafer
axung. Porc. Axungia porci Schweineschmalz
bacc. Juniperi baccae juniperi Wacholderbeeren
bals. Arc. Balsamum arcaei Elemisalbe (= unguentum elemi)
bals. Comendat. Balsamum commendatoris (=Tinctura Benzoës tipites) Kommandeur- oder Wundbalsam
bals. Copaïvae balsamum copaïvae Copaïvaharz
bals. Fiorav. Balsamum Fioravanti
Bals. Tranq. Balsamum tranquillans
bellad. Belladonna Tollkirsche
bismuth. Subnit. Bismuthum subnitricum Basisch salpetersaures Wismuthoxyd
boletus Schwamm
borax venetiae / venetum / depuratum borax venetiae / venetum Venezianischer Borax
Brantenwein Branntwein
Brechweinstein tartarus stibiatus Brechweinstein
Brodwasser Brotwasser
Brunnenkresse herba nastrutii aquatici
butyrum rec. Butyrum (vaccinum) recens frische Butter
calc. chlor. Calcaria chloriata Chlorkalk
Calc. oxymur. Calcaria oxymuriatica Chlorkalk
camph. (ras.) camphora (rasa) (geschabter) Kampfer
capt. Papav. Capita papaveris Mohnkapsel
capt. Papav. Lact. Capita papaveris lacteum Milchsaft
Caricum caricum Mixtur als Salbe
Cerat. Camphorat. Ceratum camphoraticum Kampfersalbe
cerat. Fl. zinci ceratum florum zinci Zinkoxydsalbe
cerat. Goulardi ceratum goulardi Bleisalbe
cerat. Satur./tipites. Ceratum saturni Bleisalbe
cerat. Simpl. Ceratum simplex weisser Cerat
cerussae alb. Cerussae albae Bleiweiss, Cerussit
chamom. Chamomillae Kamille
Charpie Scharpie
charta anglica charta anglica
chart. Antart. / antirheum. Charta antarthritica / antirheumatica Gichtpapier
chin. Sulph. Chininum sulphuricum Basisch schwefelsaures Chinin
Chinawein Chinawein Chinawein
Chloroform Chloroform Chloroform
Chlorräucherung fumigationes chlori Chlorräucherungen
cinnam. Cinnamomum Zimt
Comp. Compresse Kompresse
conch. praep. Concha praeparatum Austernmuschel
tipites. Rosar. Conserva rosarum Rosenconserve
consol. Majoris consolidate majoris Schwarzwurzel
cort. Aurant. Cortex aurantiorum Pomeranzen-oder Orangenschale
cort. chin. Cortex chinae Chinarinde
cort. chin. Reg. Cortex chinae regiae Königschinarinde
cort. Chinae fuscae / fuscus cortex chinae fuscae / fuscus Braune Chinarinde
cort. cinnam. Cortex cinnamomum Zimtrinde
cort. mezerei cortex mezereum Seidelbastrinde
cort. querc. Cortex quercus Eichenrinde
crem. Tart. cremor tartari Gereinigter Weinstein
Creosot. (dil.) [creosote = frz]) creosotum (dilutum) Kreosot (aufgelöstes)
croci. orient. Crocus orientalis Safran
cupr. acet. Cuprum aceticum Kupferacetat
cupr. ammon. Cuprum ammoniacale Kupferammonium
cupr. sulph. Cuprum sulphuricum Schwefelsaures Kupferoxyd
dec. (rad.) salep decoctum (radicis) salep Salepabkochnung
dec. alb. Sydenh. Decoctum album Sydenhami Syndenhamsche Abkochung
dec. Althaeae decoctum althaeae Eibischabkochung
dec. Aven. / avenae decoctum avenae Haferabkochung
dec. Aven. Excort. Decoctum avenae excorticatae Hafergrützen-Abkochung
dec. (cort.) chin. Dococtum (corticis) chinae Chinarinden-Abkochung
dec. Capt. Pap. (lact.) decoctum capitum papaveris lacteum Mohnkopf-(Milch-) Abkochung
dec. Cort. querc. (vinos.) decoctum cortici quercus (vinosatum) Eichenrinden-Abkochung (in Wein)
dec. Fl. malvae decoctum florarum malvae Malvenblumen-Abkochung
dec. Fol. Uvae ursi decoctum foliorum uvae ursi Bärentraubenblätter-Abkochung
dec. Herb. malv. Decoctum herbarum malvae Malvenblätter-Abkochung
dec. Hord. Decoctum hordei Gerstenwasser
dec. L. decoctum lignorum Holtrank, Holztee
dec. Oryzae decoctum oryzae Reis-Abkochung
dec. Rad. gram. Decoctum radicorum graminorum Weizensamenabkochung
dec. Zittmanni decoctum Zittmanni Zittmannsches Decoct
(digit.) ferruginea Digitalis ferruginea Rostfarbiger Fingerhut
eau de Collogne aqua coloniensis Kölnisch Wasser
Eibisch vgl. Dec. / infs. / syr. Althaeae
Eichelkaffee glandes quercus tostae Eichelkaffee
elaeosacch. Foen. Elaeosaccharum foeniculi Fenchel-Ölzucker
elect. enitive. Tronchini electuarum lenitivum Tronchini Tronchins Abführlatwerge
elect. Mundific. Electuarium mundificativum
elect. Ther. Electuarium theriacale Theriak-Latwerke
elix. (tinct.) roob. Wythi (Wythii) elixir roborans Whytii Whyttsches Magenelixir
Elix. Acid. Halleri elixir acidum Halleri Hallersches Sauer, Saures Elixir
elix. Pector. Reg. Daniae elixir pectoralis regis Daniae Brustelixir des dänischen Königs
elix. Stomach. Elixir stomachicum Magenelixir
Empl. De galb. Croc. Emplastrum de Galbano crocatum Galbanspflaster
empl. Diach. Compos. Emplstrum diachylon compositum Zusammengesetztes Blei-Pflaster
empl. Diach. Simpl. Emplstrum diachylon simplex Einfaches Blei-Pflaster
empl. Foet. Emplastrum foetidum
empl. Litharg. (lytharg.) comp. emplastrum lithargyri compositum Zusammengesetztes Blei-Pflaster
empl. Litharg. (lytharg.) simpl. Emplastrum lithargyri simplex Einfaches Blei-Pflaster
empl. Matr. Emplastrum matris Mutterpflaster
Empl. Merc. (comp.) emplastrum mercuriale (compositum) Quecksiblerpflaster
empl. Oxycr. Emplastrum oxycroceum Safranpflaster
empl. Picis burg. Emplastrum picis Burgundiae Burgunderpech-Pflaster
empl. Resinae pini emplastrum resinae pini Weisses Harzpflaster
empl. Vesic. / cantharid. (perp.) emplastrum vesicatorium / cantharidum (perpetuum) Blasenpflaster / Spanisch Fliegen-Pflaster (anhaltendes)
emuls. O. emulsio oleosa ölige Emulsion
essent. (tinct., ment.) Bottot essentia, tinctura, ment. (oder Aqua dentifrica) Bottot eau de Botot (Zahn- und Mundwasser)
ext. Absynthi extractum absinthii Wermuthextrakt
ext. Aconit. Extractum aconiti Eisenhutextrakt
ext. (fol.) bellad. Extractum (folium) belladonnae Belladonna-Extrakt
ext. Chelid. Extractum chelidonii Schöllkrautextrakt
ext. (cort.) chinae Extractum cortex chinae Chinarindenextrakt
ext. colocynth. Extractum colocynthidis Koloquintenextrakt
ext. Dulcam. Extractum dulcamarae Nachtschattenextrakt
ext. Dover extractum dover Doverextrakt
ext. Ferr. Pomat. Extractum ferri pomatum Apfelsaures Eisenextrakt
ext. Fl. zinci extractum flores zinci Zinkblumenextrakt
ext. G. ammoniaci extractum gummi ammoniacum Extrakt des Ammoniakgummis
ext. (rad.) gent. (rubr.) extractum gentianae Enzian-Extrakt
ext. (rad.) gent. Rubr. Extractum radicis gentianae rubrae Enzian-Wurzelextrakt
ext. Gram. Extractum graminis Heublumenextrakt
ext. Gratiolae extractum gratiolae Gottesgnadenkrautextrakt
ext. Hyosc. / hyoscyam. Extractum hyoscyami Bilsenkrautextrakt
ext. Lactucae virosae extractum lactucae virosae Giftlattichextrakt
ext. Liq. / liquir. Extractum liquiritiae Süssholzextrakt
ext. marr. (alb.) extractum marrubii (eiss) (weisser) Andornextrakt
ext. morphii (acet.) extractum morphinum aceticum Morphinacetatextrakt
ext. nicotinae extractum nicotinae Nikotinextrakt
Ext. nuc. Jugland. Extractum nucum juglandis Wallnussextrakt
ext. nuc. Vom. Extractum nucum vomicae Brechnussextrakt
ext. opii (aquos.) extractum opii (aquosum) Opium-Extrakt (wässeriger)
ext. pimp. Extractum pimpinellae Bibernell-Extrakt
ext. quassiae extractum quassiae Bitterholzextrakt
ext (rad.) rhei (aq.) extractum radix rhei aquos Rhabarberextrakt
ext. sarsap. Extractum sarsaparillae Stechwinden-Extrakt0
ext. tarax. Extractum taraxaci Löwenzahn-Extrakt
ext. tart. Stib. Extractum tartari stibiati
ext. trifol. Fibrin. Extractum trifolii fibrini Bitterklee-Extrakt
ext. dulc. Extractum dulcamarae Bittersüssextrakt
farin. S. lini farina seminorum lini Leinsamenmehl
farin. Sem. Synap. Farina seminorum sinapis Senfsamenmehl
fel. Tauri (ins.) tel tauri (inspissatum) (Eingedickte) Ochsengalle
ferri. Jodati ferrum jodatum Jodeisen
ferr. Oxydat. Fusc. Ferrum oxydatum fuscum braunes Eisenoxyd
ferri. Pommata. Ferrum pomatum Apfeleisen
ferr. Subcarb. Ferrum subcarbonicum kohlensaures Eisen
Feuerschwamm boletus ignarius, agaricus chirurgorum Feuerschwamm
fl. absynthii Flores anbisthium Wermuthblüten
fl. alceae flores alceae Rosenmalvenblüten
fl. althaeae flores althaeae Eibischblüten
fl. arnicae flores arnicae Arnikablüten
fl. bismuthi flores bismuthi Wismuth
fl. chamom. Flores chamomillae Kamillenblüten
fl. cicutae flores cicutae Wasserschierlingsblüten
fl. digit. (purp.) flores digitalis (purpurea) Digitalisblüten, (rote) Fingerhutblüten
fl. hyosc. / hyoscyam. Flores hyoscyami Bilsenkrautblüten
fl. laurocerasi flores laurocerasi Kirschlorbeerblüten
fl. malvae flores malvae Malvenblüten
fl. pap. Rhoead. Flores papaveris rhoeados Klatschmohnblüten
fl. primulae flores primulae Schlüsselblumenblüten
fl. sal. Ammon. (mart.) flores salis ammoniaci (martialis) Eisensalmiak
fl. sambuci Flores sambuci Holunderblüten
fl. sulph. Flores sulphuris Schwefelblumen
fl. tiliae flores tiliae Lindenblüten
fl. tussil. Farf. Flores tussilaginis farfarae Huflattich-Blüten
fl. verbasci flores verbasci Königskerzenblüten
fl. zinci flores zinci Zink-Blumen
flav. Cort. aurant. Flavedo corticis aurantii Pomeranzenrinde
fol. Aurant. Folia aurantii Orangenblätter
fol. Cardui benedicti folia cardui benedicti Benediktenkrautblätter
fol. Cicutae folia cicutae Wasserschierlingsblätter
fol. digit. (purp.) folia digitalis (purpureae) Digitalisblätter, (rote) Fingerhutblätter
fol. Frag. Vesc. Folia fragariae vescae Wilde Erdbeerblätter
fol. Hederae terrest. Folia hederae terrestris Glaubermann-Blätter
fol. hyoscyami folia hyoscyami Bilsenkrautblätter
fol. laurocerasi folia laurocerasi Kirschlorbeerblätter
fol. malvae folia malvae Malvenblätter
fol. melis. folia melissae Melissenblätter
fol. nuc. Jugl. Folia nucum juglandium Wallnussblätter
fol. ruthae folia rutae Weinrautenblätter
fol. sapon. Folia saponariae Seifenkrautblätter
fol. sennae folia sennae Sennesblätter
fol. taraxaci folia taraxaci Löwenzahnblätter
fol. trifol. Fibrin. Folia trifolii fibrini Bitterkleeblätter
fol. Uvae ursi folia uvae ursi Bärentraubenblätter
fr. cort. aurant. Fructus cortex anrantii Orangenschale
g. ammoniac. Gummi ammoniacum Ammoniak-Gummi
g. arab. Gummi arabicum Arabisches Gummi
g. arab. Mucil. Gummi arabicum mucilagicum Gummi-Schleim
g. assae foet. Gummi assae foetidae Teufelsdreck-Gummi
galactop. Rosenstein galactopaeus rosenstein
Gallerte Gallerte
Galvanische Kette
Gerstenwasser Gerstenwasser Gerstenwasser
glech. Hederac. Glechoma hederaceum Gundermann (bitterer Extraktivstoff)
gout. Huf. Gouttes Hufelandi Hufeland'sche Tropfen
Gurnigelwasser Gurnigelwasser
guttapercha guttapercha
Hählers / hählische Pillen
hallensische Obstructionspille
Hanfpflaster emplstrum seminis cannabi Hanfpflaster
Helminthochorton Helminthochorton Helminthochorton
hep. Sulph. Calc. / hepar. Sulphuris hepar sulphuris calcinatum [recte: kalinum] Kalkschwefelleber
herb. Absynth. Herbae absynthii / absinthii Absinthblätter
herb. Centaurii herbae centaurii Tausendgüldenkraut
herb. Chaeraefolii herba cerefolii Kerbelblätter
herb. Cicutae herba cicutae Schierlingsblätter
herb. Dig. Purp. Herba digitalis purpureae Digitalisblätter, (rote) Fingerhutblätter
herb. hyoscy. herba hyoscyami Bilsenkraut
herb. malvae herba malvae Malvenkraut
Herb. marr. Herba marrubii Andornkraut
herb. melissae herba melissae Melissenkraut
herb. millef. Herbae millefolii Schafgarbenkraut
herb. sabin. Herba sabinae Sadebaum
herb. taraxaci herba taraxaci Löwenzahnkraut
herb. trifol. Fibr. Herbae trifol Bitterkleekraut
heriacae / venet.
Himbeeressig acetum rubi idaei Himbeeressig
hirud. med. hirudines medicinales Blutegel
Honig mel Honig
hordei Hordeum Gerste
Indigo Indigo (indicum, pigmentum indicum) Indigo
infs. (cort.) salicis infusum corticis salicis Weidenrindenaufguss
infs. (fol.) rutae infusum (foliarum) rutae Rauten(blätter)aufguss
infs. (herb., fol.) malv. Infusum herbae malvae Malvenblätteraufguss
infs. (summit.) millefolli[i] infusum (summitatum) millefoli[i] Schafgarben(spitzen)-Aufguss
infs.Alceae/ althaeae / altheae infusum althaeae Eibischaufguss
infs. Absynthii infusum absynthii Absinth-, Wermutaufguss
infs. tip. Juniperi (aq. / spirit.) infusum baccarum juniperi (aquosum / spiriti) Wachholderbeerenaufguss
infs. Capt. Pap. (lact.) infusum capitum papaveris lacteum Mohnkopf-(Milch-) aufguss
infs. Charebolii?
Infs. Cin. Juniperi infusum cineres juniperi Wachholderaschen-Aufguss
infs. Cin. Sarmentis (vitis viniferae / idea) infusum cineris sarmentis Reisigaschen-Aufguss (von Weinreben; Preiselbeere)
infs. Fl. aurant. Infusum florum aurantiorum Pomeranzenblütenaufguss
infs. Fl. cicutae infusum florum cicutae Schierlingsblütenaufguss
infs. Fl. Hederae terrest. Infusum florum hederae terrestris Glaubermann-Blüten-Aufguss
infs. Fl. Malv. Infusum florum malvae Malvenblütenaufguss
infs. Fl. Primulae infusum florum primulae Schlüsselblumenaufguss
infs. Fl. Tiliae infusum florum tiliae Lindenblütenaufguss
infs. Fl. Verb. / verbasc. Infusum florum verbasci Wollblumenaufguss
infs. Fl. Violae tricolor. Infusum florum violae tricoloris Stiefmütterchenblüten-Aufguss
infs. Fol. aurant. Infusum foliorum aurantiorum Pomeranzenblätteraufguss
Infs. Fol. Fragariae infusum foliorum fragariae Erdbeerblätteraufguss
infs. Fol. Hederae terrest. Infusum foliarum hederae terrestris Glaubermannblätter-Aufguss
infs. Fol. laurocerasi infusum foliarum laurocerasi Kirschlorbeerblätter-Aufguss
infs. Fol. nuc. Jugland. Infusum foliarium nucis juglandi Wallnussblätter-Aufguss
infs. Fol. tussilag. Infusum florum tussilaginis Huflattichblätteraufguss
infs. Herb. Absynth. Infusum herbae absinthii Wermutaufguss
infs. Herb. Chaeraefolii infusum herbae cerefolii Kerbelblätteraufguss
infs. Herb. Fragar. Infusum herbarum fragariae Erdbeerkrautaufguss
infs. Herb. Rutae infusum herbae rutae Rautenblätteraufguss
infs. Herb. Tarax. Infusum herbarum taraxaci Löwenzahnaufguss
infs. Junip. Infusum juniperi Wachholderaufguss
infs. Laxat. Infuxum laxativum laxierender Aufguss
infs. Lich. Carrag.(karragh.) infusum lichen carragheae Irländisch Moos-Aufguss
infs. Lign. Quass. Infusum ligni quassiae Bitterholzaufguss
infs. Liquir. Infusum liquiritii Süssholzaufguss
infs. Melissae infusum melissae Melissenaufguss
infs. P. liq. Infusum picis liquidum Fichtenteeraufguss
infs. Rad. Angel. Infusum tipite angelicae Heiliggeistwurzelaufguss
infs. Rad. Calam. Arom. Infusum tipite calami aromaticum aromatischer Kalmuswurzelaufguss
infs. Rad. Caryophyll. Infusum tipite caryophyllatae Nelkenwurzelaufguss
infs. Rad. Consol. Major infusum tipite tipiteste majoris Schwarzwurzelaufguss
infs. Rad. Gentianae infusum tipite gentianae Enzianwurzelaufguss
infs. Rad. Gram. Infusum tipite graminis Graswurzelaufguss
infs. Rad. polyg. Amar. Infusum radicis polygalae amaris Bittere Kreuzblumenwurzel-aufguss
infs. S. lin. Infusum seminorum lini Leinsamenaufguss
infs. Sem. Canabis infusum seminis cannabis Hanfsamenaufguss
infs. Sem. Cydon. Infusum seminorum cydonorum Quittenkernenaufguss
infs. Spec. pectoral. Species ad infusum pectorale Brusttee
infs. Spec. pect. Lax.
infs. Stip. Dulc. Infusum tipites dulcamarae Bittersüss-Stengel-Aufguss
infs. Tarax. Infusum taraxaci Löwenzahnaufguss
infs. Trifol. Fibrin. Infusum trifolii fibrini Bitterkleeaufguss
infs. Verb. Infusum verbasci Wollblumenaufguss
infs. Viol. Tricol. Infusum violae tricoloris Stiefmütterchenaufguss
Ippecacuanha Ipecacuanha Brechwurzel
jalap. Sap. Sapo jalapinus Jalappenharz-Seife
Jodinpommade Jodinsalbe
Kafe Kaffee
Kalbfleischbrühe / Kalberlungenbrühe
kali carbon. Kali carbonicum Kohlensaures Kali
kali hydrijod. / Kali jod. Kali hydrojodicum (Kalium jodatum) Kaliumjodid, Jod-Kali
kali oxymur. Kali oxymuriaticum Chlorkali
kali salpeter kalisalpeter Kaliumnitrat
kali subcarb. Kali subcarbonicum Reines kohlensaures Kali
kali sulphur. Kali sulphuricum / sulphuratum Schwefelsaures Kali
kali tart. Kali tartaricum Weinsteinsaures Kali
Kampfergeist spiritus vini camphoratus Kampferspiritus
Käslikraut folia malvae Malvenblätter
Kataplasm Cataplasma Kataplasma
kerm. Miner. Kermes minerale mineralischer Kermes
Kirschwasser / Kirsch
Kleyenwasser furfur tritici (=Weizenkleie) Kleienwasser
Kölnerwasser aqua coloniensis Kölnisch Wasser
Krebsaugenpulver pulvis oculorum cancrorum Krebsaugenpulver
Kreosot Kreosot Kreosot
lac sulph. Lac sulphuris Schwefelmilch
lap. Caust. Lapis causticus Aetzstein
lap. Infer. Lapis infernalis Höllenstein
laud. Liquid. Laudanum liquidum (= incture opii crocata) Opiumtinktur
Leinwand Leinwand
lich. island. lichen islandicus Isländisch Moos
lich. Carraghaeae lichen carraghaeae Irländisches Moos
lign. Guajac. lignum gujaci Guajak-Holz
limat. Mart. limatura martis Eisen
liniment. bals. peruv. linimentum balsamum peruvianum Liniment des Perubalsam
liniment. calc. linimentum calcareum Kalkhaltiges Liniment
lin. vol. camph. linimentum volatile camphoratum (lin. ammoniacato-camphoratum) flüchtiges Kampher-Liniment
lin. volat. linimentum volatile (= linimentum ammoniacatum) flüchtiges Liniment
lin. volat. tereb. linimentum volatile terebinthinae flüchtiges Terpentin-Liniment
liquir. liquiritium Süssholz
liq. anodyn. Hof. / liq. anod. / liq. Hof. liquor anodynus Hoffmanni Hoffmanns-Tropfen, Schwefeläthergeist
liq. (aq. / sp.) minder. liquor (aqua, spiritus) Mindereri Essigsalmiak-Wasser, Minderersgeist
liq. ammon. liquor ammoniaci Ammoniakflüssigkeit
liq. ammon. acet. liquor ammoniaci acetici flüssiges essigsaures Ammonium
liq. ammon. anis. liquor ammoniaci anisatus anisölhaltiger Salmiakgeist
liq. ammon. caust. liquor ammoniaci caustici Ammoniakwasser oder Ammoniumhydroxyd
liq. ammon. succi liquor ammoniaci succi Süsser Salmiakgeist
liq. med. liquor medicus Teufelsliquor
liq. minder. liquor mindererei Minderers Geist
liq. oryzae liquor oryzae Reiswasser
liq. terr. fol. tart. liquor terrae foliatae tartari Essigsaure Kali-Flüssigkeit
magnesia magnesia Magnesium
mag. bismuthi magisterium bismuthi Wismuthweiss
mag. alb. magnesia alba Bittersalzerde
malvae malvae Malve
Mandelmilch Mandelmilch Mandelmilch
mannae manna Mannaesche
Mannae electae electuarium de manna Latwerge aus Manna
mel mel Honig
mel despum. / depur. mel despumatum / depuratum geschäumter (gereinigter) Honig
mel gram. mellago graminis Queckenhonig-Saft
mel rosar. / rosat. mel rosarum / rosatum Rosenhonig
ment. bottot
merc. (comp) mercurius (compositum) Quecksilber (enthaltend)
merc. dulc. mercurius dulcis versüsstes Quecksilber
merc. praec. rubr. mercurius praecipitatus ruber rotes Quecksibler-Oxyd
merc. proto jod. mercurius proto iodatus
merc. simpl. mercurius simplicius Einfaches Quecksilber
merc. subl. corr. mercurius sublimatus corrosivus Quecksilberchlorid
mixtura oleata mixtura oleata (Posner: m. oleoso-balsamica) Oelmixtur, Oelbalsam
mixtura salina mixtura salina
morach (Morchel) Morchel
morph. (acet.) morphinum (aceticum) Morphin(acetat)
muc. g. arab. mucilago gummi arabici Gummischleim
muc. s. cyd. mucilago seminorum cydonorum Quittenschleim
nat. acet. natri acetatum Natriumacetat
nat. (sub)-carb. natrum (sub)-carbonicum kohlensaures Natron
nat. bicarbon. Natrium bicarbonium Natriumhydrogencarbonat
nat. phosph. natrum phosphoricum Phosophorsaues Natron
nit. alb. Nitrioli album
nit. depur. nitrum depuratum gereinigte Salpetersäure
nucis moschata nux moschata Muskatnuss
nucis vomicae Nucis vomicae Brechnuss
ocul. Cancr. (subtiliss.) oculi cancrorum subtilissimi Krebsaugen (sehr feine)
Oehlklistier Oelklistier
ol. amygd. dulc. oleum amygdalae dulce Süssmandelöl
ol. cajeput oleum cajeput Cajeputöl
ol. camphor. oleum camphoratum Kampferöl
ol. chamom. oleum chamomillae Kamillenöl
ol. crot. (tigl.) oleum crotonis (tiglii) Crotonöl, Granatillöl (aus Croton Tiglium)
ol. filicis maris aeth. oleum filicis maris aetherea Wurmfarnöl
ol. hyoscy. (coct.) oleum hyoscyami (coctum) Bilsenkrautöl (gekochtes)
ol. jec. (aselli) oleum jecoris (aselli) (Esels-)Lebertran
ol. (back.) junip. Oleum (baccae) juniperi Wachholderöl
ol. lauri folii Oleum lauri folia Lorbeerblätteröl
ol. oliv. oleum olivarum Olivenöl
ol. ricini oleum ricini Rizinusöl
ol. tereb. oleum terebinthinae Terpentinöl
oleosacch. s. aeleosacch.
opii puri opium purum reines Opium
opodeldoc opodeldoc Opodeldoc, Seifenbalsam
oryzae oryzae Reis
oxym. / oxym. sympl. oxymel, oxymel simplex Sauerhonig
oxymel scill. oxymel scilliticum Meerzwiebel-Sauerhonig
Pechpflaster Pechpflaster
pil. aloes Aloes-Pillen
pil. aperit. pilulae aperitivae Eröffnende Pillen
pil. cont. obst. Hall. Pilula contra obstructions Hallenses Hallenser Obstruktionspille
pil. cont. obstr. (Hufelandi) pilulae contra obstructiones (Hufelandi) (Hufelands) Verstopfungspillen
pil. rad. scill. pilulae radicis scillae Meerzwiebelpillen
pil. sydenh. pilula Sydenhami Sydenhams Pillen
pil. Heim / pil. antihydropicae pilula Heim (pilulae hydragogae Heimii) Heim-Pillen
pil. antihypochondriac. Hufelandi / Kleini pilulae antihypochondriacae Hufelandi Hufelands / Kleinis antihypochondrische Pillen
pil. de. cynogl. pilula de cynoglossum Pille der Hundszungen
pilula dractica
Pilula purgat
plumb. acet. plumbum aceticum Bleiessig
plumb. jod. plumbum jodatum Bleijodid
Polychrest-Pille vielseitige wirksame Pille
pomarum pomarum Apfel
pot. minder.
Pulnaerwasser Pulnaerwasser
pulp. cass. pulpa cassiae Kassienmark
pulv. cascarill. pulvis cascarillae
pulp. tamar. pulpa tamarindorum Tamarindenmark, Tamarindenmus
pulv. aëroph. pulvis aërophorus Brausepulver
pulv. (rad.) althaeae Pulvis radix altheae Eibischpulver
pulv. Antihypochondr. Klein pulvis antihypochondriacus Kleinii Kleins antihypochondrisches Pulver
pulv. Cassia pulvis cassia Zimtrindenpulver
pulv. cort. chinae pulvis cortex chinae Chinarindenpulver
pulv. digit. Pulvis digitalis purpurea Digitalispulver
pulv. doweri pulvis doveri (Doweri) Dover-Pulver
pulv. colomb. pulvis colombo Colombo-Pulver
pulv. filicis maris pulvis filicis maris Wurmfarnpulver
pulv. galactopöus Rosensteinii
pulv. infantum Hufelandi Pulvis infantum Hufelandi Hufeland'sches Pulver
pulv. magnes. alb. pulvis magnesia alba Pulverisierte Bittersalzerde
pulv. morph. (acet.) pulvis morphium (aceticum) pulverisiertes Morphinacetat
pulv. nuc. vom. pulvis nucis vomicae Brechnuss-Pulver
pulv. ocul. cancr. pulvis oculorum cancrorum Krebsaugen-Pulver
pulv. opii puri pulvis opium Pulverisiertes Opium
pulv. secal. corn. pulvis secale cornutum Pulverisiertes Mutterkorn
pulv. Sem. Synap. Pulvis semen synapsis Pulverisierte Senfsamen
pulv. Tamarind. Pulvis tamarindorum Pulverisiertes Tamarindenmark
pulv. (rad.) Rh. / rhei pulvis rhei (compos.)
pulv. Rad. Gent. Pulvis olombo gentianae Enzianwurzel-Pulver
pulv. Scill. Pulvis scillae Meerzwiebel-Pulver
pulv. Sepiae pulvis sepiae Fischbeinpulver
pulv. Temp. Pulvis temperans temperierendes Pulver, niederschlagendes Pulver
pulv. (rad.) liquir. Pulvis (radix) liquiritiae Pulverisierte Süssholzwurzel
pulv. rad. bellad. pulvis radix belladonnae
pulv. rad. ipecac. pulvis radix ipecacuanha Pulverisiertes Ipecacuanha
pulv. rad. jalap. pulvis radix jalappae Pulverisierte Jalapawurzel
pulv. (rad.) valer. pulvis (radix) valerianae Pulverisierte Baldrianwurzel
pulv. ratanhia pulvis ratanhia
pulv. sem. nuc. jugl. pulvis semen nucis jugland Pulverisierte Walnusssamen
pulv. sem. phelland. (aq.) Pulvis semen phellandri aquatici Pulverisierte Wasserfenchelsamen
rad. Alth. Radix althaeae Eibischwurzel
rad. Angelicae radix angelicae Angelikawurzel oder Engelwurz
rad. Armor. (vinos. Radix armoraciae Meerrettichwurzel
rad. Arn. Radix arnicae Wohlverleihwurzel
rad. Bardannae / bardanae radix bardanae Klettenwurzel
rad. bellad. Radix belladonnae Tollkirschenwurzel
rad. Calami (aromat.) radix calami (aromati) Kalmuswurzel
rad. Caryophyll. Radix caryophyllata Nelkenwurzel
rad. Cerefolii / cheraefolii radix cerefolii Kerbelwurzel
rad. Cichor. Radix cichorei Cichorienwurzel (Chicoree)
rad. Columbo radix columbo (colombo) Kolumbowurzel
rad. consol. majoris radix consolidate majoris Schmalzwurz
rad. gram. radix graminis Graswurzel
rad. idaei radix rubi idaei Himbeerenwurzel
rad. ipecacuanhae radix ipecacuanhae Brechwurzel
rad. jalap. radix jalappae Jalapenwurzel
rad. liquir. radix liquiritiae Süssholzwurzel
rad. petroselini radix petroselini Petersilienwurzel
rad. polygala amara radix polygala amara Wurzel der bitteren Kreuzblume
rad. rhei radix rhei Rhabarberwurzel
rad. salep radix salep Salepwurzel
rad. sap. / saponar. radix saponariae Seifenwurzel
rad. sarsaparill. / sassaparill. radix. sarsaparillae / sassaparillae Sarsaparillwurzel
rad. scillae radix scillae Meerzwiebel
rad.symph. radix symphiti (r. consolidae majoris) Schwarzwurzel
rad. tarax. radix taraxaci Löwenzahnwurzel
rad. urticae radix urticae Brennessel-Wurzel
rad. val. radix valerianae Baldrianwurzel
Reiswasser / Reisschleim
res. guajac. resinae guajaci Guajakharz
res. jalap. resina jalapae (jalappae) Jalapenharz
roob (bacc.) junip. Roob baccae juniperi Wacholdermus
roob samb. roob sambuci Fliedermus
roob. wyth.
rub. id. rubus idaei Himbeere
sacch. alb. saccharum album weisser Zucker (Zucker, Rohrzucker, Rübenzucker)
sacch. cand. saccharum candis
sacch. lact. saccharum lactis Milchzucker
sacch. sat. saccharum Saturni (depuratum) Bleizucker (gereinigter)
sal amara sal amara Schwefelsaures Bittersalz
sal ammon. (mart.) sal ammoniacum (martiatum) Salmiaksalz
sal glauberi sal glauberi Glaubersalz
sal segnette
sal tart. (nat.) sal tartari (natri)
sanguis draconis sanguis draconis Dracheblut
sap. med. sapo medicatus / medicinalis Medizinische Seife
sap. saponariae Seifenkraut
Sauerteig (mit Senf) Sauerteig
Schwefelblust flores sulphuris Schwefelblumen
Schwefelleber (-bäder) hepar sulfuris Schwefelleber, Schwefelkalium
seb. Ovilli sebum ovilli Schafstalg
secal corn. secale cornutum Mutterkorn
Seidschützerwasser Seidschützerwasser
Selterwasser / Selzerwasser Selterwasser
sem. cinae / cinnae (conf.) semen cinae (confectum) Zittwersamen (-Konfekt), Wurmsamen
sem. colchici semen colchici Herbstzeitlosensamen
sem. cydon. (concass.) semen cydoneorum Quittensamen
sem. foenic semen foeniculi Fenchelsamen
sem. lin. / sem. lini semen lini Leinsamen
sem. phelland. (aquat.) semen phellandri (aquatici) Wasserfenchelsamen
sem. santonini semen santonini Quittenkernen
sem. synap. semen synapis Senfsamen
ser. lact. serum lactis Molke
ser. lact. tam. serum lactis tamarindinatum Tamarindemolke
sol. ammon.
sol. calc. oxymur. solutio calcariae oxymuriaticae Chlorkalklösung
sol. g. arab. solution gummi arabicum Gelöstes arabisches Gummi
sol. kali hydrijod. Solution kali hydrijodum gelöstes Jodkalium
sol. lap. infern. sol. lapidis infernalis Höllenstein-Lösung
sol. merc. corros. solutio mercurii corrosivi Sublimat, Quecksiblerchlorid
solut. argent. nitric. solutio argentum nitricum gelöstes Silbernitrat
solut. sal. ammoniaci solution sal ammoniacum Gelöstes Salmiaksalz
Sonnenwirbel (Sunnewirbel) wohl: Heliotropum major wohl: Schweizersonnwende
sp. (sal.) ammon. caust. spiritus [salis] ammoniaci caustici alkoholische Ammoniaklösung
sp. ceras. spiritus cerasorum Kirschgeist
sp. formicarum spiritus formicarum Ameisenspiritus
sp. juniper. spiritus juniperi Wachholderspiritus
sp. minder. spiritus mindererei
sp. nit. dep. spiritus nitrum depuratum Gereinigter Salpetergeist
sp. nit. dulc. spiritus nitri dulcis Süsser Salpetergeist
sp. sal. dulc. spiritus salis dulcis Salzgeist, Salzäthergeist, versüsster Salzgeist
sp. serpilli spiritus serpilli Quendelgeist, Feldkümmelgeist
sp. vin. spiritus vini Alkohol, Weingeist
sp. vin. camph. spiritus vini camphoratus Kampferspiritus
sp. vin. rectif. spiritus vini rectificatissimus Starker rectificierter Weingeist
Spaawasser Spawasser
spec. aromat. species aromaticae aromatische Spezies
spec. emoll. species emollientes erweichendes Umschlagsspezies
spec. pect. species pectorale Brusttee
spec. lign. species (ad decoctum) lignorum Abführtrank, Holztee
spec. resolv. species resolventes zerteilende Spezies
Stahlbad Stahlbad, Eisenbad
Stahlwein vinum ferratum Stahlwein
Stechwasser = spiritus saponato-camphoratus? (Posner 349, 352)
stip. dulc. stipites dulcamarae Bittersüss-Stengel
strychn. acet. strychnium aceticum Essigsaures Strychnin
strychn. strychnium Strychnin
succ. liquir. succus liquiritiae Lakritzensaft
sulph. aurat. sulphur auratum Goldschwefel
succus citri / succ. citri succus citri Zitronensaft
summit. millefolii summitates millefolii Tausendgüldenkraut
Synapismen Synapismen
syr. (rad.) althaeae syrupus althaeae Eibischsyrup, Althee-Saft
syr. Ammon. Syrupus ammoniaci Ammoniaksyrup
syr. camph. Syrupus camphoratus Kampfer-Sirup
syr. capill. (vener.) syrupus capillorum (veneris) Frauenhaar-Sirup
syr. chinae syrupus chinae China-Sirup
syr. cort. Chinae syrupus ortices chinae Chinarindensirup
syr. cort. Aur. Syrupus corticum aurantiorum Pomeranzenschalden-Sirup
syr. diacodii syrupus diacodii / diacodion (= syr. capitum papaveris) Mohn-Sirup
syr. fl. Aurant. Syrupus florum aurantii Orangenblüten-Sirup
syr. fl. Naphae Syrupus florum naphae Pomeranzenblütensirup
syr. farfar. Syrupus farfarae Huflattich-Sirup
syr. foenic. Syrupus foeniculi Fenchel-Sirup
syr. g. arab. Syrupus gummi arabici Gummi-Sirup
syr. Hydroc., hydrocyan. Syrupus hydrocyani Zyanidsirup
syr. junip. Syrupus juniperi Wachholder-Syrup
syr. infantum syrupus infantum Kindersirup
syr. ipec. Syrupus ipecacuanha Brechwurzel-Sirup
syr. liq. Syrupus liquiritiae Süssholzsirup
syr. mann. Syrupus mannatus (Mannae) Manna-Sirup
syr. moror. Syrupus mororum Maulbeersirup
syr. opiat syrupus opiat Opiatsirup
syr. papav. alb. syrupus papaveris albi (= syr. capitum papaveris) Weisser Mohnsirup, Mohnkopfsirup
syr. (rad.) rhei syrupus (radix) rhei Rabarbersirup
syr. rhei aq. Syrupus rhei aqua Rhabarberwassersirup
syr. rub. id. / idaei syrupus rubi idaei Himbeersirup
syr. scillae syrupus scillae Meerzwiebelsirup
syr. sarsap. syrupus sarsaparillae Sarsaparillen-Syrup
syr. seneg. syrupus senegae Senega-Sirup
syr. simpl. syrupus simplex Zuckerwasser
syr. vin. camph. syupus vini camphora Kampfergeistsirup
syr. volendic.
Tabak Tabak Tabak
talc. talcum Talk
tarax. Taraxaci Löwenzahn
tart. borax. tartarus boraxatus Boraxweinstein
tart. dep. tartarus depuratus Gereinigter Weinstein
tart. natr. tartarus natronatus Natron-Weinstein, Seignette-Salz
tart. stib. tartarus stibiatus Brechweinstein
tart. sulph. tartarus sulphuris Schwefeliger Weinstein
tart. tart. tartarus tartarisatus Weinsteinsaures Kali
tart. vitriol. tartarus vitriolatus Vitriolisierter Weinstein
terr. fol. tart. terra foliata tartari Essigsaures Kali (= Kali aceticum)
theriacae (veretae) theriacae (veretae) Theriak
tinct. aromat. acid. tinctura aromatica acida Saure Gewürztropfen
tinct. asae foetidae tinctura asa foetida Teufelsdrecktinktur
tinct. ammon. tinctura ammoniaci
tinct. ambrae
tinct. benzoe tincture benzoe
tinct. (elix.) rob. / roob. Wythi (Whytii) tinctura roborans Whyttii Whyttsches Magenelixir
tinct. cantharid. tinctura cantharidum Spanischfliegen-Tinktur
tinct. castorei tinctura castorei Bibergeist
tinct. colch. tinctura colchici Herbstzeitlosentinktur
tinct. (cort.) cinnam. tinctura (corticis) cinnamomi Zimtrinden-Tinktur
tinct.(fol.) digit. (purp.) / digt.(purp.) tinctura digitalis Fingerhuttinktur
tinct. digit. (purp.) aeth. tinctura digitalis aetherea Aetherische Fingerhuttinktur
tinct. elix. acid. Halleri tinctura elixir acidum Halleri Tinktur des Hallerschen Elixiers
tinct. ferri aetherea/ae tinctura ferri aetherea/ae Aetherische Eisentinktur
tinct. ferri pommata / pomati tinctura ferri pommata / pomati Eisenapfeltinktur
tinct. guajaci volat. tincture guajacium volatile Flüchtige Guajaktinktur
tinct. hyoscy. tincture hyoscyami Tinktur der Bilsenkrautblätter
tinct. jod. tinctura jodi, jodina Jod-Tinktur
tinct. rhei aquos. tinctura rhei aquosa wässriger Rhabarbertinktur
tinct. roob. wythi.
tinct. opii s. tinctura opii simplex einfache Opimtinktur
tinct. rhei. vinos. tinctura rhei vinosa Weinhaltige Rhabarbertinktur
tinct. samb. tinctura sambuci Holundertinktur
tinct. stomach. tinctura stomachica Magentinktur
tinct. syr. rhei tinctura syrupus rhei Rhabarbersiruptinktur
tinct. theb. tincture thebaica Thebaintinktur, Laudanum, Opiumtinktur
tinct. valer. tinctura valeriana Baldriantinktur
trifol. fibrin trifolii fibrini Bitterklee
ung. (merc.) praec. rubr. unguentum (mercurii) praecipitati rubri rote Quecksibler-Oxyd-Salbe
ung. altheae unguentum altheae Eibischsalbe, gelbe Salbe
ung. acre unguentum acre scharfe Salbe
ung. cer. alb. ungentum cereum album weisse Wachssalbe
ung. digest. unguentum digestivum Terpentinsalbe
ung. episp. unguentum epispasticum Spanisch-Fliegensalbe
ung. hydrijod. / solutio hydrijod.
ung. labiale unguentum labiale Lippenpommade
ung. lithargy. simpl. unguentum lithargyri simplex Einfache Bleisalbe
ung. merc. jod. unguentum mercuriale jodidi Jod-Quecksilbersalbe
ung. merc. cin. unguentum mercuriale cinereum Graue Quecksilbersalbe, Franzosensalbe
ung. ophth. [hydrarg.] rubr. unguentum ophthalmicum [Hydrargyri] rubrum rote Augen- [Quecksilber]Salbe
ung. mezerei unguentum Mezerei Seidelbastrindensalbe
ung. saturn. unguentum saturninum / saturni Bleisalbe
ung. tart. stib. unguentum tartari stibiati Brechweinsteinsalbe
ung. terebint. unguentum terebintinatum / terebenthinae Terpentinsalbe
Unschlitt Unschlitt
Valswasser Valser Wasser
vin. aromat. vinum aromaticum Gewürzwein
vin. chin. vinum chinae China-Wein
vin. sem. colch. vinum seminis colchici Herbstzeitlosensamen-Wein
vin. stib. vinum stibiatum Brechwein
violae tricolor. violae tricoloris Stiefmütterchenkraut
vit. ovi vitellum ovi Eigelb
Wachstaffent Wachstaft
Weissenburgerwasser Weissenburgerwasser
Wermuttee Wermutthee (Absinth)
Wildeggerwasser Wildeggerwasser
Wollblumen /Wüllblumen s. infs. verbasci
Wurmlatwerge electuarium antihelminticum Wurmlatwerge
Wurmsamen semen cinae (confectum) Zittwersamen (-Konfekt), Wurmsamen
zinci acet. zinci acetate Zinkacetat
zinci chlorat. zinci chlorati Zinkchlorid
zinci oxyd. alb. zincum oxydatum album Weisses Zinkoxyd
zinci sulph. zincum sulphuricum Zinkvitriol, Brechvitriol
Zinkblumenpulver Zinkblumenpulver
Zuckerwasser Zuckerwasser




In middle ages, people belive in the theory, that embryos are already made in sperm and afterwards, they develope in the uterus to a human being. Even the gender is prefixed at this stadium: Sperm, which comes out of left testicle would be build into female individums. Sperm out off right testicle becomes male. Based on this, people started to drwa her imagination as a little human in a sitting position, also called homunculus, in which the umbilical cord runs to the sperm tail.





Quiz on the History of Medicine

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